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Today we bring you to discover Singapore with Catherine, a performer, dancer, coach-life, our friend, and very-good guide!

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You have to start (of course) with breakfast. You can safely forget continental breakfast of your hotel and quickly head on one of food hall or street market for a white ball with coconut jam and a refreshing watermelon juice!

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Singapore is a big city but you can walk around, because is possible to find coolness whenever you want in one of thousand mall. And so, cheer up, follow Cathe through the modern architecture, the narrow streets of Chinatown, the temples of little India!

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All this architectural wonders and diversity make the city interesting and surprising and this reflected in food.

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Singaporean citizens are very proud of their city and they are happy to let us try flavors and tastes. Well, there is an impressive collection of restaurant and bar in a young and trendy vibe and I believe that it’s the best way to experience the local scene.

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But, it’s already 7 pm: it’s time to go on Marina Bay for a beer and some pictures.

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9 pm: dinner in typical restaurant, the BOON TONG KEE with rice & chicken, fried tofu and delicious sauces! Or, if you want to impress your wife or girlfriend…CasaTartufo (http://www.casatartufo.com/) is the perfect choice for you! Yes, in Singapore you can find italian cuisine…the good and real italian cuisine! with Alessandro and his staff you can taste magnificent tajarin with truffles and try eccellent wine from Piedmont.

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And then…spectacular viewpoint on the city!

Thank you Catherine, we hope to see you soon in Italy!

Davide Tiezzi

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