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You can travel in Milan for its great shopping, for fashion, for food, or…for an image! Yes, because, speaking as a photographer, when I visit cities, I always try to find spot for my camera. Everything else, sounds, smells, is just a bonus. An important bonus…but it is so. I see through my own eyes and shoot with my Nikon!milano cso como gen13 (35)

Well, Milan has all the right ingredients for a long weekend with your camera. Maybe three days will be not enough, but it will be a start!

There are different kinds of architectural styles. You can find the Gothic cathedral, the Duomo, or Sant’ Ambrogio basilica, one of the most ancient churches in Milan, the Scala, yes, ok, beautiful, but…now you can find a very photogenic district with new buildings and modern architecture, in Porta Nuova.

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The best time of the day to visit it, is around sunset, and I’ll shortly explain why. But first, I want to say that you can reach this place in many ways, because there are 5 suburban lines, 2 underground stations, many trams and buses. Is it not enough? You can come here on foot (obviously, after the near Corso Garibaldi shopping) or by bike, with the bike sharing service.

Well, I’ve just said around sunset: the new plaza above the escalator is a fantastic spot for pictures with the sun effects and reflections in the fountain and the pool. The shadows become longer and the sky seems red. The atmosphere now is calm and you can focus on your job: to take fantastic pictures!milano cso como gen13 (15)

And then…it’s happy hour time! The famous aperitivo milanese! After hard work (shopping, taking pictures…) you shouldn’t miss the near Corso Como, with its cafes and restaurants. Priceless… And then, but only after having drunk a Martini or a mojito with pizza, add in your agenda a visit in 10 Corso Como, a bookshop with a great selection of photography books and publication on art, architecture design and fashion. Close to it there is Carla Sozzani gallery, devoted to art and photography, with exhibitions.milano cso como gen13 (29)Ok, now you feel like a real Italian man or woman, don’t you? And so, you can sit in another bar with another glass of beer, or red wine, send an e-mail, using free wi-fi, to show to your friends the masterpiece that you have made with your camera!

Now, say ciao to all your new Italian friends and go in a comfortable bed, have a warm shower, be ready for a new day, a new breakfast and for a Sunday brunch!

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