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I’d like to celebrate the end of summer with a party.

It’s a good idea to put in the memory box, the beautiful summer things. BBQs, picnics, holidays photos, dinners on the terraces, cold and sparkling wine …. and more!

To say goodbye to the Summer season, it’s necessary to make a theme menu, a food list, fresh and fruit drinks,  and think to a dress code! For food it’s a good idea to “cook“ raw recipes, I love Laura Cuccato’s advices! http://www.saltonelcrudo.it/bistraw/.

A good idea is “PANZANELLA” a typical Tuscany recipe. I tasted it in a lovely and cozy farmhouse, Agriturismo La Ripolina. I’ll ask Laura, the owner, the right way to make it.

About dress code and hair style, I like to wear a furoshiki top!


I like foulards made with Italian silk, soft and brilliant, just one word … gorgeous! It’s very simple to create some tops with one or two silk’s square, let’s look to my video below! (….if you are very curious you can find it on YouTube, Barbara Perrone!)

And how to make a good hairstyle? Ponytail, as my hairstylist Mario Passoni suggests, sounds good!



Just a little detail, one o two bows with Jane Means’ ribbons, in green and blue colour! So, let’s go to make the party,…week end is coming!



Barbara  – Paper Designer and more!