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When Jane Means’  ribbons arrived at my shop last week, I thought…I will do some special and funprojects. In my post , I’d like to let you know something about Italian mood, so I have created 4 class projects

–          Italian food

–          Italian creativity

–          Italian places

–          Italian style

Among these categories I will  match my creativity and my ideas  with them!

Today is a sunny day, so it’ s lovely to think about flowers, gardens, terraces. I’ll make a funny and simple flower, with this beautiful the ribbons.

How can you do it?

Follow me and take…

–          a little jar, empty (mine  was of Pesto… the Italian sauce for pasta)

–          a cork of a bottle

–          coloured ribbons

Put the ribbons in  the jar (like the photo) and use the cork in the middle of the flower, like a pistil.

Are you ready? Take your creation and go to camouflage within the other flowers!

It’s fun!